Ds7 2018 fuse box diagram

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Ds7 2018 fuse box diagram

Post by Bart »

Hi, does anyone have diagram explaining fuse box in DS7 Crossback Performance 2018? Im doing hotwire for dash cam and need connect 3 wires :
+ (acc) to constant 12v,
+ (b+) connect to 12v after ignition on,
- (ground) is easy - attached to naked metal chassis with screw.
Dont know where to plug those 2 red mini fuse cables.
Camera i mounted is "auto vox v5pro". Can send link if needed to yt video of how someone explain wires for it.

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Re: Ds7 2018 fuse box diagram

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I don't have the details for the DS7, so you'll have to use trial and error:

On my X7 I used:
The heated seats fuse for the permanent live (G37)
The BSI F4 10A fuse for Electrochrome Mirrors / Auto Gearbox for the ignition switched live.

These fuses may be different on your DS7, bnut have a read through the handbook and see if you can identify similar.