Xantia Automatic Gear Knob

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Xantia Automatic Gear Knob

Post by steveprew »

I am the proud owner of a near immaculate Xantia (Phase 1) Automatic however the gear lever on the automatic gearbox has badly cracked and is beyond repair :roll:

I gather this is a common problem on all 'auto' PSA models due to 'sun damage' and owners of XM's etc are all after this illusive part - however I thought it might be worth putting a shout out there to see if anyone has found a supply / solution ?

I have tried speaking to local trimmers (without success) investigated the Japanese auction sites (without success) and trawled the French version of ebay (without success) not to mention multiple emails to 'long established' Citroen dealers in the UK (without success) !

Help and guidance would much appreciated :-)
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Re: Xantia Automatic Gear Knob

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Same auto knob also fitted to ZX.
Some being hand-made in wood.