Dpf issue

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Dpf issue

Post by Jebby80 »

Hi everyone,

Please be kind this is my first post.

I have a Citroen ds5 63 plate dsport 2.0 diesel. Up to now it had been great it’s only covered 50000 miles.

A few weeks ago I got the dreaded dpf warning light so tried to do the regen which cleared the service light, then the next day it went into limp mode with the engine warning light coming on as well as the dpf one. I had it cleaned then had a forced regen done on the computer which cleared everything. It was great for 80 miles then the dpf light came on which I did a regen myself and cleared the service light. The next day it went into limp mode again and I’m back to square one and the computer won’t even do a regen?? Can anyone help me? What could I do next to get these faults gone once and for all? Cheers

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Re: Dpf issue

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Have you considered that the filter may be at end of life? Hoe many miles has it done?

DPFs have a finite life and although they may be deep cleaned at some stage, they will not last forever as the Cerine particles in the additive fluid cannot be burnt off and these ultimately clog the filter along with other engine deposits.

When the filter is blocked at a certain percentage, then no amount of regeneration will fix it and continued attempts will put wear on your engine components - as forced regeneration is not recommended unless there is no alternative for this reason.

You need to get it on Diagbox and read off the fault codes and post them up here along with your VIN.