Ds7 1.5 bleu hdi

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Ds7 1.5 bleu hdi

Post by Elie »

please can someone know which tool can i use to programme virgin ecu for ds7 2018
1.5 bleu hdi
Thank you

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Re: Ds7 1.5 bleu hdi

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You'll need to ask on a different Forum, we don't deal with ECU programming here. Normally a DS dealer will programme the ECU based on your vehicle's specification, engine and other equipment fitted. This is not something you can realistically do as an individual as you won't have access to the correct software from PSA servers. Further, the ECU once programmed, still needs to be configured. It is the configuration that will very likely need the latest version of Diagbox, - however, I suspect that the engine ECU will be locked out (SERMI), again requiring an authorised dealer login to access.