Berlingo ABS warning light

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Berlingo ABS warning light

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Hi all, new to this forum but my question is to do with my Berlingo 2005 2.0HDi where the ABS warning light is NOT and I repeat NOT illuminating at all even when I put the key in to start the car. Most if not all searches on the internet describe what to do if the light is on but mine isn't coming on at all.

I've taken the car to a instrument panel specialist in Portsmouth who has removed the panel from the vehicle and thoroughly checked it through on the bench, confirming the light does illuminate as it should under test conditions.

I am at a loss to find what is causing the failure. I did think it might be a power issue but all fuses in both the inside and engine fuse box are ok when continuity checked using a meter. I also thought it might be a maxi fuse problem although I think I was getting confused with the Haynes manual wiring diagrams thinking the alpha letters referred to maxi fuses because 'H' only served the ABS. However if you look inside the engine fuse box at the maxi fuses underneath (you can distort the fuse box plastic casing sufficiently to see the maxi fuses and H is not present - (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 = A B C D E F G H). There is a distinct lack of a workshop manual for this vehicle other than the Haynes manual.

So where I am at, at the moment is that my MOT is looming in February 2021 and without an ABS light coming on briefly on start-up I will be forced to take the car to the scrap heap. The car is fine in all other aspects, ABS or no ABS I manage fine. My Ford Sierra doesn't have ABS and that still sails through MOT's unhindered. Which leads me onto the subject of whether the car had ABS in the first place. I'm the 3rd owner and there is no history with the car from when it was purchased but I'm led to believe that in 2005 ABS was an optional extra. Can anyone suggest an avenue to allow me to check this out? Otherwise please can anybody suggest what to check next?

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Re: Berlingo ABS warning light

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Post your Vin number and the forum Admins will be able to see exactly what you do or do not have on your vehicle.
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Re: Berlingo ABS warning light

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The strange thing is that a 2005 berlingo is fully multiplexed & there is no direct connection between the ABS unit & the warning light on the dash meaning pretty much any type of failure of the ABS system will bring the warning light on, even totally unplugging the ABS ecu or a complete failure of the ecu. The network will just see no comms with the ABS & put the light on.
I would be surprised if a vehicle this age has no ABS.
Check for the presence of speed sensors on the wheels or look for the ABS unit, cant remember the exact location on this car, possibly behind bumper under left headlamp. Follow the brake pipes.