citroen semi automatic gearbox problem

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citroen semi automatic gearbox problem

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i have problem with my c4 2007 semi automatic gearbox CFC300P, gear stays on neutral N "gearbox faulty message" car sometimes start sometimes not but im not be able to change gear. on technical section, the most times im not be able to perform clutch bleed , depresurise /presurise , also im not be able to reprogram the gearbox (i hear a crack sound and it stops , sometimes it goes to 1st gear and it stops immediately and i get an unknown error message ) also the clutch is trying to presurise the system every 20-30 seconds it goes from 29~32 bar to ~50 bar and it drops gradually back to 30
there is no visible leak.
i use delphi ds150. ( also the same results with lexia ) :-k :-k :-k :-? :cry:

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Re: citroen semi automatic gearbox problem

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Sounds like the clutch actuator maybe. Not a lot of info out there on stripping these things and rebuilding. Dealers want a fortune for it and parts are dealer only so can write off the car. Suspect that these actuators are all made by Bosch but have not seen them aftermarket...............they may be out there though. I would keep researching for info especially as you have diagnostic software to work with.