French Car Lotto fund

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French Car Lotto fund

Post by lexi »

Coming up Christmas guys and time for giving. I thought we could get a fund going of say 20 quid a head.
Once we have collected say 10 grand we can then decide who and where the money will go.
Candidates for the cause of French Car Catastrophe

The x7 steering rack fund. This could take a big chunk of our kitty. Uncle Marc is exempt from it though. He had warranty galore to cover every disaster on the horizon. It was rumoured that he even got a new Central Heating Pump for the house fitted by Citroen. on X7 warranty :shock:

1.6HDI turbo fund The sludgemaker engine has taken it's toll on our members. You can also factor in the hundreds of pairs of rubber gloves needed to work on this thing. Like a flippin' giant Octupus on a black ink squirting fit!

The Picasso Sill Welding Fund Argh!! As soon as a welder is produced in a garage, you get the same sucking through teeth that a dodgy builder gives you. :-D

Sure you can fill a few more in.
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Re: French Car Lotto fund

Post by mickthemaverick »

The Xantia/C5/405/406 Heater Flap Heap!! :-D
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Re: French Car Lotto fund

Post by bobins »

The C6 auto gearbox rebuild fund ? The C6 road tax fund ? Is there anything that's actually cheap on a C6 ? :lol:
What were those horrible automated manual gearboxes that were guaranteed to fail fitted to ? Owners of those need all the help they can get #-o