2010 Berlingo Air flow issues.

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2010 Berlingo Air flow issues.

Post by Witmic »

So my 2010 Citroen Berlingo 1.6 HDI seems to be getting progressively worse and despite taking it to 3 mechanics I'm still not entirely sure what the issue is. Thought I'd post the info on here in case anyone can point me in the right direction.


Mostly grey/black smoke out the back upon accelerating, sometimes it's quite bad, at the moment it's not too bad.
General loss of power, feels very sluggish.
Seems to misfire at higher rpm's around 2000 -3000

The video above shows what I think is the misfire if you listen carefully.

Fault Codes:

p0113 - IAT (after cleaning intake manifold)
p0104 - MAF (after cleaning intake manifold)
p3007 - Air flow low

My 1st mechanic thinks that the issue could be down to a bent valve (probably because last year the timing belt skipped 2 teeth apparently) and so the head would need to come off and be sent away. I was unsure on this so took it for a second opinion.

Second guy said that he though the valve being bent was a load of rubbish because the vehicle starts and ran smooth. He couldn't figure out what was wrong and told me to go to Citroen as their diagnosis software would be better.

Took it to Citroen and they told me they didn't think it was the valve either and basically told me that it was down to low air flow based on their readings and so to try a new MAF and not a cheap one. I had already bought a new MAF from Euro Car Parts however it was on the cheaper side so may need to buy another. The guy said to hold off on the MAF for now and to check the intake manifold for soot build up and if so it would need cleaning.

The only way I could check was to remove the EGR so I have since cleaned out the EGR and the Intake manifold. Put everything back together however the issue still persists. The misfire seems to be getting worse and has only been an issue recently.

Any help would be great, the mechanics seem to not know what the issue is and just want to trial and error the situation until it works (which maybe it'll have to be)

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Re: 2010 Berlingo Air flow issues.

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Ah, I think I can see the problem. You bought a part from Euro Car Parts. They are known (on this forum and other places) as Euro Crap Parts. It is not unknown for somebody to buy a new part from them, get home with it, open the packaging and find a dirty, used (and failed) part, and no joy in trying to get a replacement or refund. Their own brand parts either don't work or work for a few months; either way not much use to man or beast.

I have no links to them, but you might want to try GSF for a MAF.
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Re: 2010 Berlingo Air flow issues.

Post by Witmic »

Ha yeah I know they're crap, quite often they just give you the wrong part. I just checked and the MAF sensor was from GSF anyway, my bad. Between my car (clio) and van I've taken quite a few trips to gsf and euro car parts so got mixed up.
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Re: 2010 Berlingo Air flow issues.

Post by 411514 »

Have you fitted the new MAF yet? That's worth a try. Certainly the sluggish running is a hallmark of the MAF being duff, and could feasibly also cause smoking.

Otherwise, sounds potentially turbo related. Check all air hoses for leaks/splits.

How well has the car been serviced?

Probably worth taking the air intake piping downstream of the turbo and intercooler off and checking for excessive oil. Also, check for play in the turbo turbine.

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