psa 1.6hdi engine codes

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psa 1.6hdi engine codes

Post by andy64 »

Hi I need to find a suitable used replacement engine for my son's 2011 dispatch.
It is fitted with a 9HU 1.6hdi which I believe has the code: DV6UTED4. It has neither a DPF or DMF and is alleged to produce 90bhp.

Used DV6UTED4's appear to be comparitively expensive, while there are a number of DV6TED4's or even DV6ATED4's around for about half the price (9HX, 9HY). BUT what is the difference. Does anyone know what all these codes mean.

I have been told that "any DV6 will fit - even a ford, mini or suzuki" - I don't believe that as I know that some of these engines are 8 valve and some are 16. (son's is a 16). While it may or may not be true that all of them have similar bolt patterns for mountings and gearbox fitting I cant see a 8 valve working with a 16 valve management system, or a variable geometry turbo etc instead of a fixed one. As far as I know some of the 16 valve engines might have different cam profiles to others - if that's the case I can't see them working with each other's management system.

However I can see that an engine which is fitted with a different type of alternator bracket (for example) could easily be a direct replacement even if it has a slightly different code, what's anyone's thoughts please.

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Re: psa 1.6hdi engine codes

Post by lexi »

Afaik the 16 valve 110 is the same as a 90bhp 16v. I think the turbo is only difference. So it may be possible to keep your Mitsubishi? turbo on existing engine and swap over to replace the Garret VV one. That would leave the injectors, which I suspect may need swopped or recoded etc. You should not need DMF if you are at 90bhp. Might? (will) be a lot of faff, I don't know of any doing it on here. Can you not rebuild existing engine ie change head or turbo as needed?
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