Relay 2017 Radio Connections

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Relay 2017 Radio Connections

Post by desmondh »

Hello, I'm installing an aftermarket radio in my Citroen Relay, and am trying to connect it to the van's interface. I'm hoping to maintain the steering wheel connections. I've sussed out the majority of the power cables from this wiki page, however, this doesn't include all the cables going into my old radio. It has two antenna cables and a mini USB cable which I'm very confused about, as can be seen on the right of this picture.

Does anyone know what the antenna cables and the mini USB cable do, and how I can ensure the steering wheel interface is maintained when I connect my new radio? Here's the new radio's wiring diagram:

Thank you!
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Re: Relay 2017 Radio Connections

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Expect problems - that's all I'll say. The Head Units are designed to do more than play music. They can act as an interface to the vehicle systems and removing this will very likely have consequences with vehicle configuration of features and options. You may well lose functionality of some features (depending on model and options fitted).

Your 'other' aerials may be for GPS / DAB / GSM features depending on system, used for Navigation or vehicle tracking / stolen vehicle locating. USB is usually used for updating the original head unit software and mapping where installed.
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Re: Relay 2017 Radio Connections

Post by wheeler »

It will all depend on what radio you have fitted just now, where both the antennas & USB plugged in the back?
At a guess i would imagine the mini USB probably connects to a USB socket on the dash somewhere to play music from a USB stick?
The antennas could be for GPS, DAB, FM. Some radios have twin FM tuners. The connections may already be there even if GPS etc is not fitted in your van.
As for the radio controls you would normally need a special adaptor for this.
Do yourself a favour, don't butcher any of the original wiring, get a plug in adaptor harness. You can probalbly get one that takes care of the radio controls too.