Al4 transmission rebuild

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Al4 transmission rebuild

Post by Victor-joy »

I am overhauling al4 transmission in peugeot 307 and I am running into serious problems .
On first gear , drive train is completely locked , seams like f2 break responsible for reverse is activated , I looked at pp2000 and it confirmed evs5 solenoid is activated during first gear , I looked at rebuild manual and in the chart evs5 shouldn't be active !
This is really confusing . Is the rebuild manual incorrect ? Or my ECU confused?
Car is driving only in 3rd and reverse becouse transmission is completely locked in 1st and 2nd gear .
I did not adjust or change anything on hydraulic block .

Your knowledge will help me alot .
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Re: Al4 transmission rebuild

Post by toh »

I used to rebuild ZF 4HP20 by myself.
The problem was the repairing kit giving extra an clutch disc.
And I replaced them all. The gear was lock at 1st or 2rd. Finally, all new clutch were burnt.

Have you check the number of clutch disc carefully?