Cactus infotainment system cutting out

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Cactus infotainment system cutting out

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My infotainment system is cutting out every 3 minutes and immediately resetting itself. Doesn’t happen all the time, but also doesn’t appear to be related to speed, whether stationary etc. I bought the car from a dealer in Chesterfield - their Nottingham branch charged me £108 to tell me it needed a software update which they couldn’t do. I know a replacement will cost a fortune which I can’t afford. It’s a Cactus 16 plate. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance
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Re: Cactus infotainment system cutting out

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Sounds ridiculous and a bit of a cop out to me! Any software update they should be able to do from their servers - so I can't accept that without further explanation - a lack of understanding / training on their behalf yes - I can accept that but still no excuse - and that is why they charge top dollar for taking the car to them. I would contact Citroen HQ and say you are amazed at that response to be honest!

Depending on your system fitted, there may be 2 types of software for the telematics system.

One is a firmware update to the system software
the Second is for Map updates if you have the Sat Nav option.

Firmware is usually to fix bugs and provide added compatibility for Bluetooth for smart phones (as they come on the market all the time and may have newer Bluetooth profiles that make them slightly incompatible with vehicle head units until they get an update). It is well known that when a smart phone is updated (IOS /Android) it can suddenly cause a compatibility issue and the result is the infotainment system can't cope and it restarts.

Unpairing AND removing any paired smart phone from your Cactus (unpairing is not enough) will delete the phone cache stored on the system. Remove the bluetooth pairing on your smart phone too and restart the infotainment system. If it stops rebooting then you know it is the bluetooth issue. A firmware update (if available) may fix this.

So if you Pop your VIN up I can see what system you have and may be able to advise on firmware etc.

Some Connected NAVsystems provide software for the customer to install themselves direct from the portal.