C5 X7 Cambelt Replacement

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C5 X7 Cambelt Replacement

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Half way through this job today , took longer than I thought, well because, I'm getting too old for this stuff :)

Tip for anyone attempting - Crankshaft bolt - use the ' heat ' method prescribed by Citroen - worked a dream

"I know best " method attempted before this see attached photo , I bent a 1/2" extension with a 2 foot breaker bar on the end

Water pump looked surprising good for 110K - belt ' looked ' ok too - but cracked evident when flexed - brown residue on belt ? - water pump leaking perhaps


B1ET0101P0 Modification : Removal of the crankshaft pulley bolt
This bulletin describes the procedure that is additional to the methods for removing-refitting the timing belts on DW engines.
1. Tooling
Equipment :
Reversible torque spanner
Hot air gun with adaptors ( blow torch for me )
2. Presentation : The crankshaft pulley fixing bolt

"a" : Zone pre-coated with "thread-lock" type adhesive.
The crankshaft pulley bolt (1) has on its thread an adhesive "a" which activates on tightening. This adhesive makes the assembly of the crankshaft belt drive pulleys safe.
On slackening, particles of adhesive could possibly accumulate in significant quantities in the threads, thus rendering the operation particularly difficult and also possibly leading to the bolt breaking inside the crankshaft.
It is important to keep to the slackening procedure so that the operation will succeed.
3. Slackening procedure
CAUTION : Use of an impact wrench is prohibited : Risk of the bolt breaking inside the crankshaft.
CAUTION : Keep to the method "Removing - refitting : Associated timing belt".
3.1. Slackening at the correct torque

CAUTION : The flywheel immobilisation tool must be in place.
Slacken the bolt (1) ; Using a wrench (Do not exceed 1 turn).
CAUTION : During the slackening, make sure that the resisting torque does not exceed 20 m.daN ; By using a reversible torque spanner.
Slackening the bolt (1) :
Unscrew the bolt (1) ; Monitor the resisting torque
If the effort increases, redo up and then renew the slackening (More than once if necessary)
Alternately repeat the above operations until the bolt is completely slackened
N.B. : As the slackening effort increases, it is important to retighten fully so as to spread the adhesive which has accumulated in the threads.
CAUTION : Stop the operation if the slackening effort is too great ((greater than 20 m.daN). Go to the next section.
3.2. Slackening with heating of the bolt

CAUTION : The heat of the gun can damage the rubber sealing on the ancillary drive pulley. Do not exceed 4 minutes of heating.
Heat the head of the bolt (1) for 4 minutes ; Using a hot air gun fitted with a small calibre adaptor.
CAUTION : Monitor the slackening torque, using the torque spanner, do not exceed 20 m.daN.
Undo the bolt (1) immediately.
Repeat the operation for 1 minute if the slackening effort still remains too great.
4. Checking - Cleaning
CAUTION : Check the state of the rubber sealing on the ancillary drive pulley. Check the state of the target of the engine speed sensor. Replace parts that are damaged.
Always replace the bolt (1) if the slackening torque reached 20 m.daN.
Clean (M14 x 150 tap) :
The thread
The tap