Hydraulic clutch pressure hose

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Hydraulic clutch pressure hose

Post by Matscom »

Hi, I own a citroen xsara picasso 2005 2.0 hdi.
Today whilst coming off the motorway on the slip road my clutch pedal stuck down then unstuck, worked then not ect.
Managed to limp in 1st far enough to get out of danger, called a tow truck and got the car home.
Once home it became apparent that the hydraulic pipe that runs behind the engine has rubbed over time and today created a hole.

Knowing that the hose needs replacing my question is A) has anyone else had this issue?
B) how did you/mechanic get to the connectors in order to replace?
And C) can someone with a bit mechanical knowledge fix it or is it an engine out kinda situation?

Sorry I've gone on a bit, pretty stressed about it all.
Thanks in advance,