c3 key fob problem solved

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c3 key fob problem solved

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For quite a while previously dash board message telling me key fob battery low. changed the battery several times the message continued. However because the fob still functioned I chose to ignore it until recently when I had to press the lock/unlock buttons several times before the central locking activated. I am not without technical knowledge as I am a retired electronics engineer however to cut a long story short I eventually found the cause to be the two micro switches being high resistance as on very close inspection noticed signs of rust around the buttons on the pcb which means there has been at one time a little water leakage onto the pcb. Out with the amberlube sprayed the two micro switches (just needs a fraction to seep into the contacts) and hey presto good as new. Diagnosis the switch contacts became increasingly high resistance which accounts for dashboard message eventually becoming just about open circuit