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another LHM-Head

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first of all I want to thank this forum for all the information you collected here over the years. When researching there were quite a few things I found here, that I could not find anywhere else.
I started my connection to Citroën with a mk2 Xantia 1.8 16v (still owning it) about ten years ago and, while at first it was just a nice car, over the years I grew a passion for it. I guess I’m addicted now…
Being from Germany most of my activities are in german forums but I’m looking forward to joining your community as well.
My main focus definitely is the Xantia including the Activa, but I’m interested in all hydropneumatic models.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

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Re: another LHM-Head

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Wilkommen aus dem Forum.

Hopefully you'll find plenty of Xantia Expertise here. There is an Activa Section on the main page of the Forum too: