Wireless charging pad for Citroen C5 X7

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Wireless charging pad for Citroen C5 X7

Post by citroC5 »

Hello everyone,

I've made a short video series on how I replaced the tray under the radio with a home-made(ish) wireless charging dock in my C5 X7. I hope forum members don't mind it's in video format, since I can film and edit videos a lot faster than I can write about the process and upload the photographs and so forth.

There's no point in watching the entire series, I've summarised it all at the beginning of the last episode, which if you like, you can see here:

I checked the FAQ to make sure I'm not infringing any rules, I don't know if promoting your own YT videos here can be considered spam, I certainly hope not. If it is, I do apologise, I'll take this down immediately.

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Re: Wireless charging pad for Citroen C5 X7

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi there, no problems at all with uploading your practical videos. :)

Good idea if you have a wireless charging phone.

I used to leave mine in the centre console arm rest storage and use the USB power there. Later I bought a charging case like this:
Whilst on my dock or charging, the case charges up ans well as the phone. If the phone ever needs charging - pressing a button on the rear case starts charging the phone from the case battery.

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Re: Wireless charging pad for Citroen C5 X7

Post by EDC5 »

Very good, I might look in to doing this as I now have a phone that can be charged wirelessly.