Xantia radio

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Xantia radio

Unread post by harry »

I have a 1.9TD VSX and the radio display is only showing a part of what it should ie radio station missing letters and nothing else. The cassette plays OK but will not eject first,second or even the third time. Switched ignition off and back on again and finally it will eject. If the cassette is left in with the ignition off the tape will forward to the end of the tape.
Does anyone know where I can get the radio/cassette repaired as the sound quality is good.

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I know this reply has been a hell of a long time coming (almost 3 years!) [:D] But if you go on the net there is a company called Sextons - try them or Uplands ICE specialists. Hope this helps (prob scrapped the car by now, ha ha).

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There always seems to be plenty available on e-bay at prices likely less than the cost of having it fixed. Mind you, the risk of getting another duffer is great methinks. Tape problem is more likely to be mechanical than electronic IMO and more than likely caused by a build up of dirt, dust and general grime. In the past I have fixed plenty. I've not dived in a Xantia wireless yet though but I soon will because my LCD backlight has gone out. I'll report back on this.