PSA DV4TD swapped into a...

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PSA DV4TD swapped into a...

Post by AlM222 »

hi all, was hoping to have a discussion and some advice on a lead for a project ive debated with.

I have a Suzuki Jimny (not manly, imposing or fast, but those who know, know theyre a hoot!)
I've been itching to have a diesel again though (and yes, I've thought about selling this and buying, but I like the Jimny and a challenge), so I did some digging.

They came with the K9K on the continent (by many accounts not a great engine), a few jimny owners have done TUD5, XUD and VAG 1.9tdi swaps but this involves ALOT of body adjustment, and only really makes them mud demons, but seemingly kills everyday driveability.

HOWEVER, the Jimny was made in tandem with the Liana, sharing the parts (petrol engine, gearbox etc) but one crucial detail is that the liana came with a diesel option, a 1.4ddis, which so happens to be a rebadged DV4TD.

So, my question is:

I'm looking at putting a 1.4HDi into the Jimny. Aside from engine mount changes and adapter plate needed, im concerned about the ECU changeover from 2 completely different cars. Realistically, whats needed to facilitate this swap? Donor car to just swap over original ECU and gubbins or will it be a full reprogramme job (electrics are foreign to me)? Also, DV4TD, a reasonable engine? Not a bullet proof as an XUD, but for the sake of ease, I'd take it.

And before anyone says, yes I know it's 0-60 will be measured with a sundial, its never been done (that i know of) and seems like all the parts were there originally but for some reason the K9K was opted for, so as any curious engineer would say, might as well try.


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Re: PSA DV4TD swapped into a...

Post by GiveMeABreak »

This is not something we can really help with specifically, as we really only support the actual vehicles and original equipment as fitted to PSA cars, so will not have any definitive answers, but be aware of the following.

The Engine ECU, BSI and Immobiliser systems are linked as a set - you can't just swap them out without having a matched set. We can't advise as to what engine ECUs and other control systems Suzuki use on their vehicles - so cannot advise as to compatibility.

Your best bet is to speak to somebody with a Liana diesel and find out a bit more about that vehicle, its systems, what it has in common (if anything) with a Jimny and take it from there.

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Re: PSA DV4TD swapped into a...

Post by ekjdm14 »

That's my thoughts too, best donor would likely be a Liana diesel (not sure how common to find they would be though :? ) or if you're feeling brave then a 206 (and if you're feeling VERY brave, Fords also used the same engine lol).

It'd be a major undertaking though, especially if electrics are not your forte. (I'm reasonably competent with electrics and electronics but swapping an XUD into a multiplexed petrol 206 has been a major challenge & isn't fully over yet, the electronics have had serious hissy fits!)