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Hi all,

Hope someone can help....have a 15 plate Nemo that today I took to the local garage and upped the tyre pressures. I drove home about 6 miles and when I selected reverse and reversed into my space the ESC light came on and the dash says ‘hill holder unavailable see handbook”

How when I start up it bleeps Hill holder unavailable and the DAC light says on.

Any ideas?
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Post by GiveMeABreak »

The hill start assist is part of the ESP system. If there is a fault detected (either a wheel sensor or other part of the system), then all ESP functions are deactivated as a safety precaution. You'll need to get a fault code to pinpoint what it is unhappy about though. So whilst this fault is active, you will not have your ESP operational - so be extra cautious on wet roads as you will only have normal braking.

Wheel sensors can be dislodged if you've gone over a pothole or similar, had any work done on the brakes lately where the wiring could of been disturbed for example.
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