What version of Diagbox for DS5?

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What version of Diagbox for DS5?

Post by petef »

Have just bought a 2017 DS automobiles branded DS5 and would like to know what version of Diagbox is needed to work with it. Currently have v7.58 which shows the Citroen branded DS5 only, together with a DS5LS which would appear to be a Chinese only car - albeit with the new front and DS branding. Will my version of Diagbox work with the DS Autos car or will I have to update - if so to what?

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Re: What version of Diagbox for DS5?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

For a 2017 DS5 you'll probably need Diagbox 7 V7.76 or as high as you have on V7 as a minimum, or Diagbox 8 on.

DB V7.80 covered vehicles up to November 2015.

DB 7.76 covers models up to July 2015 (but bear in mind the DS-badged DS5 was relaunched sometime in 2015)