Citroen C2 RD45 - MFD Configuration

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Citroen C2 RD45 - MFD Configuration

Post by yigitatilla »

Hello, my name is Yigit Atilla. I live in Istanbul and I have had a few Citroën cars for about 15 years and during this time I have learned a lot, especially on technical issues. I have 2 Citroën C2' s now, one is the 2007 VTS and the other is the 2006 HDI. I think the self-introduction part is enough for now, I'm starting to explain my problem. May be a little longer. I apologize in advance.

I wanted to install a Bluetooth radio in my 2006 model c2 hdi car. I found an rd45 continental radio and plugged it in with the USB port. We connected it to the device and fixed the VIN code and the beep is gone. I also purchased an mfd display, but it did not allow me to enter the Bluetooth section that appeared on the screen. I was seeing Bluetooth from the phone and trying to connect but it was failing.

Later, after researching the forums, I found out that version 6 and earlier screens do not support Bluetooth and I ordered a new screen. I just plugged in the screen I bought, but it doesn't even allow me to enter the menu in any way. I can't even set the time, it's just flashing. Do I need to connect the screen I just bought to the computer and activate it? I would appreciate it if you could help. I'm about to go crazy. By the way, my USB is charging my phone but I can't get any sound. :cry:
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Re: Citroen C2 RD45 - MFD Configuration

Post by EDC5 »

In my experience a software version above V71 is required for RD45 connection.

The only way to program the screens is to use Diagbox through the car's OBD port. Then you can change the settings related to the car. I am surprised you cannot do anything with your new screen though?