DS7 Crossback - Android Auto Wireless

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DS7 Crossback - Android Auto Wireless

Post by mcmagno »

Good morning DSser!

I own a DS7 Crossback, I am happy with the car. I have a question: I am using Android Auto a lot when traveling, using the physical cable to activate it.

Does anybody know if DS is going to implement it using wireless connection?

Thanks a lot.
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Re: DS7 Crossback - Android Auto Wireless

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There are several issues outside of DS's control:

Android Auto Wireless was previously limited to Google and Samsung phones - but as of Android 11, any phone with this OS version can connect to Android Auto Wirelessly, however:
1) Android Auto wireless requires both a 5Ghz connection from the phone AND to the vehicle's Head Unit. So unless the Head Unit supports 5Ghz, no.
2) There are strict rules in effect concerning 5 Ghz used in the car and there are some as yet unknown additional requirements for the this in the EU.

It won't work in Russia or Japan though.