Hill Start Assist Stopped Working on DS5

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Hill Start Assist Stopped Working on DS5

Post by emmettu2 »

Hi there!

I have an automatic Citroen DS5 (2013) that has a new issue related to the hill start assist feature, which has stopped working. Previously, the car was immobilized for 2 seconds when starting on a hill. Now, it never kicks in in any situation. I think it started happening around the time I got a battery replaced a few months back. I understand from the manual that there is no simple setting to enable or disable this feature.

Does anyone have any tips for how I can get it working again, or do I need to drop the car back to the garage?


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Re: Hill Start Assist Stopped Working on DS5

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The Hill start assist is part of the ESP system and is an automatic feature.

So try a BSI reset first (as you must follow this whenever the battery is disconnected) BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure and see if that resolves your issue.

Pay attention to timings and door closures!

If not, you'll need to get it read with a decent diagnostic kit (ideally Diagbox) to see if there are any reported faults with the ESP system. Note not all generic code readers can read all the systems on these vehicles.