Turbo air pump

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Turbo air pump

Post by Marcopvr »

hello all. I been having an egr and turbo problem in my car for a while. And when I tought it had been fixed the mechanic is telling me I need a new turbo. So basically my citroen ds5 2.0 started loosing power, took it to a garage and they diagnosed it with a faulty turbo, so I got it replaced, but for my surprise the issue persisted. Took it back and they said maybe the new turbo was faulty, so they got it replaced again, to my surprise the problem persisted. Then took it to another garage and they disgnosed it with a faulty egr valve. So I got that replaced. Then while at the mechanic he said the car started accelerating by itself when he tried to cover the air pump for the turbo. Then he opened the turbo hoses and showed me that it had oil in them, so he is saying that the turbo is cracked and needs replacing. But the car is driving well and no engine or any management lights are on. He told me that this air pump hose right at the back of the engine should have a cover, but I am confused that if it is an air pump shouldn't it be uncovered? Now I am not sure what to do. If to replaced the turbo again or not. He says that as a result of this air pump not having a cover the turbo only works at half of its potential, then he said if I put a cover on now the car might accelerate by itself? Because the turbo is broken. Does this make any sense?
If someone have any info it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look into it.

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I’m having limp mode

Post by Jahson_268 »

Hello I have a 2013 Citroen Ds5 1.6 petrol. Every time I accelerate to a curtain speed it goes in to limp mode can anyone please tell me how to fix it