106 furloughed itself

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106 furloughed itself

Post by Dekzion »

Hi there,
I've a Peugeot 106 zest mk2 1.5 derv 2002,
last week I was at a customers house (sole trader) It was hot so the windows were all down in a private courtyard, I needed to go and get supplies but she wouldn't fire up! Cranking over okay but not firing. (this car is well serviced, new cambelt last year and oils and filters twice since then). The car parked next to me left before I returned to the car first time, is there an immobiliser on it that would cut the fuel if someone stuck their head in?
Flattened the battery of course.
Called the RAC, he couldn't work it out, BUT, he swapped the battery for one of his own without reset procedure.
He suspended towed to my local good guys and two days later they declared they couldn't get it going as it's immobilised. They said that the immobiliser is on the pump and they couldn't get to it, also no matter which ECU got fitted it still wouldn't go.
I only ever used the non blip key as the battery in the master was flat and looked awful. I bought a battery today but it's not operating the central locking.
I don't mind if the immobiliser was bypassed by wiring the stop valve if needed
Anyone have any ideas Please?

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Re: 106 furloughed itself

Post by ekjdm14 »

If it's the same as the 1.9D then you should be able to get in with a grinder and carefully cut the armour plating away to access the stop solenoid. I did this on our old ZX TD when the solenoid itself failed.

The slightly safer, albeit longer winded, option is to remove the whole pump from the engine and drill/fudge out the security bolts and remove the armour that way.

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Re: 106 furloughed itself

Post by wheeler »

Dekzion wrote:
31 Jul 2020, 12:11

I only ever used the non blip key as the battery in the master was flat and looked awful. I bought a battery today but it's not operating the central locking.
The central locking & the immobiliser are completely separate on this car, the key should unlock the immobiliser even if there is no battery fitted.
Using another ECU off a different car wont work either unless it has had the electronics inside it reflashed by a specialist.
Have they confirmed the chip is being seen by the car? The pickup aerial round the ignition barrel is a fairly common failure on the 106/Saxo. Worth a check before you start butchering the injection pump.

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Re: 106 furloughed itself

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

Was very familiar with an R plate and a M plate 106's, both 1.5 DERV's, so a bit older than yours; both now gone.... luved em, 60+mpg in 'real world' driving and enough poke for the same. We took one all the way to Nairn, four up (400 ish miles each way), it was more comfy than you might think.

I'd be inclined to take an Angle Grinder to the Pump Armouring, then simplest would be to use a Jump Lead to power up first the Glowies, then the Stop Solenoid

but check first whether or not you've got fuel at the Injectors coz I would expect that any immobilisation would work by cutting off the fuel supply at the Stop Solenoid. If you've got Fuel, then look elsewhere.

Also make sure you've primed the fuel system til the Hand Primer goes hard and check for Diesel pee-ing out of the Housing that holds the Fuel Filter, right hand side of the engine as you look at it; common issue on these.