Unconnected connector

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Unconnected connector

Post by chisty44 »

I’ve just bought a 2005 1.6 hdi Citroen c5 and noticed an unconnected cable that looks like it should be and has been in the past.
It’s a single wire blue connector that’s hanging down from being in with the big loom bundle that goes to the under bonnet fuse box . It hangs from just before the bundle enters the box.
It’s got a normal small push fit connector though
I’ve looked for an obvious places with in reach and there’s nothing there.
Could someone have a look at there’s for me please

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Re: Unconnected connector

Post by white exec »

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
Could you post a photo to show the connector and its position, and post your VIN number as well?
(VIN will be masked to everyone except forum staff.)

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Re: Unconnected connector

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Some wires are not connected purposefully. A picture would indeed be useful and also check the wiring sleeve. There should be a sequence of letters / numbers repeated every 3-4 inches on the sleeve. When we have your VIN, and the photo we can probably advise of what it is for and whether it is intentionally not connected or not.