Partner 2.0hdi air in the fuel rail

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Partner 2.0hdi air in the fuel rail

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Partner 2.0 hdi 2004 edition Siemens fuel pump.
I had the pump replaced 2yrs back for a reconditioned one by a local garage and ever since, when the engine gets hot air is leaking into the fuel. This issue has nothing to do with the garage; I kept the car but off the road for most of the intervening time sorn as I was using another car. Come the lockdown, I did all the other jobs on the car to get it through an mot and it’s now back on the road.
It is NOT anything to do with the fuel filter or the fuel lines prior to the fuel pump as I have replaced them all and there are no air bubbles in the clear fuel pipe coming from the filter to the pump. The problem only happens when the engine is up to temperature and idling; it then classically goes into limp mode loses power and I have to rev it carefully but hard to ‘purge the air’ from the rail. The air is clearly seen in the clear fuel return pipe after the rail.
I have figured that the most likely culprit is the fuel banjo bolt at the entrance to the fuel pump. Today I stripped it down and found there are 2 washers either side of the banjo loop on the bolt going into the fuel pump. These are special sealing washers with rubber centres. One of them does appear to be slightly damaged and I think when the fuel pump is running, pressurizing the fuel; air is getting in to the pump because these washers are no longer ‘sealing’ the banjo completely airtight.
No fuel is leaking anywhere – because the fuel pump is sucking in air – not spitting out fuel.
Now then – can anyone tell me where (other than a Stealer) I can source these very specific sealing washers? Tried uncle google today but can’t find them anywhere… expect that I’ll have to go to the Stealer on Monday… :( I'd prefer to just replace the washers - but I bet good money the Stealers will tell me they only supply the washers with a new Banjo bolt and thus charge more for it...