Electric window problem citroen Dispatch

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Electric window problem citroen Dispatch

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Hi All

My electric windows completely stopped working after leaving the driver's side window half open in the rain. I checked fuse 5/6 under the steering console and its not that. They did actually close one day but then they never opened again. It is the same with the passenger side switch, which didn't get wet.

The windows were a tad dodgy as well before this - when putting the windows up, the windows would stop every 10% of the way up so you would have to press the switch a bunch of times to close them, but not all the time. Wierdly the peugeot 207 I had before this van had exactly the same issue.

What would I need to replace? Switch, window regs or both?

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Re: Electric window problem citroen Dispatch

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The "10%" upward movement of the window is normal (for the driver's door window) if the battery has been disconnected - or power to the window mechanism has been interrupted. Repeated presses of the Up switch are needed until the window is fully closed, and the process resets the one-touch and anti-pinch functions of the window. The owner's handbook usually contains details of this.

Window switches on the doors and elsewhere are interconnected, so if a fault occurs on one of them, it can affect the another side. Also been known for switches on some cars to get stuck down, and not return to 'centre-off' position, which upsets the system.