C8 disc pad replacement.

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C8 disc pad replacement.

Post by jscadden »

I have been getting a "Worn brake pads" when I first drive away of a morning so I'm assuming they need replacement.

Before I get started, is there any special tools needed such as one to retract the pistons or can I just push them back (jemmies or g-clamps normally work)?



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Re: C8 disc pad replacement.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The front pads can be fitted by pushing the pistons back carefully - but on the rear ones, they need a wind back tool.

Also, be aware that if your brake fluid reservoir is at the max. level, you'll need to take some out after removing the filter, using a spotlessly clean syringe or similar, so as not to cause an overflow of the fluid onto anything when you push the pistons back.