Citroen C4 MK3 2.0HDi engine fault

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Citroen C4 MK3 2.0HDi engine fault

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Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my misses C4 and it is above my technical knowledge to diagnose the problem. It's easy to fix my Xantia (all you need is a hammer :-D ), but I'm no too familiar with all the electronics that modern cars have. The car is a C4 Mk3 (B7) year 2010 2.0 HDi 150HP Exclusive.

The issue with the car is that "Engine fault, repair needed" alarm has occurred. I have a Lexia and erased the faults but and its good for a day or two then it reapers. The car otherwise drives ok, just sometimes it looses a bit of power. About a half a year ago the car went into "Limp mode" with a total loss of power and I erased the faults and it never reoccurred.

This picture is from back then when it went to limp mode:

And this picture is from now:

If someone can point me into the direction of investigation or which part needs to be changed I would really appreciate.

Thank you!

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Re: Citroen C4 MK3 2.0HDi engine fault

Post by wheeler »

Go into live data & see what the air flow is at idle & if it increases when you rev the engine.