Gearbox Faulty of Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2008 2.0HDI

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Gearbox Faulty of Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2008 2.0HDI

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, I have an issue with my Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and I will try to leave all the possible details. Feel free to ask for more info, I'm sure I will forget to add something relevant.
- 2008 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2.0 HDI 136HP (EGS gearbox)

Only after I have bought the car in July 2019, I have noticed that it has a gearbox oil leak. Repairs are quite expensive when we're talking about semi-auto (manually piloted) gearboxes, and since there wasn't any specific issue with the car, I decided I would refill the oil every 3-4 months.

2 days ago, after leaving the parking lot, the dashboard beeped and the "Gearbox Faulty" error was displayed alongside the Service indicator. I have used an OBD2 with the Torque Lite app to check for any error codes and the computer did not register anything.
The actual behavior is that after the error is displayed, the car won't switch between gear modes (R/N/A/M). But this isn't a permanent issue, as from time to time, with me not touching anything, it goes back to normal(no error, no Service) for anywhere between 5 seconds and 3 minutes. Afterwards, the error reappears.
What could be worth mentioning is that 3 days before this issue, I have refilled it's oil, as I usually do. Filled ~1.3-1.5l of oil(specifics according to the car's manual). During the last year, same action has been done 3 times.

I have noticed that, with the engine on, when I switch from Neutral to Automatic or Reverse, there's a loud switch, sort of similar to an electrovalve. If the sounds is very loud or very sudden, after it, the gearbox error is displayed and I'm stuck in neutral, regardless of the lever position(R/A/M). Whenever the car's in Gearbox Faulty, there's a loud electrical(maybe?) sound coming from the gearbox, near the left front wheel.
Maybe worth mentioning, but before having this gearbox fault. If the car didn't have enough gearbox oil, as I was driving away in first gear, the car was moving with a huge vibration for 4-5 meters, as if the clutch was not engaged. This was happening until the engine heated, afterwards there were no more problems.

Any thoughts?