Peugeot 508 with JBL amplifier cannot run Android unit, cut off the sound in 3 second

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Peugeot 508 with JBL amplifier cannot run Android unit, cut off the sound in 3 second

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Hi, I bought Peugeot 508 with factory integrated JBL 5.1 sound system with already fitted Andoid (A-media, RK3188, 5.1.1, MTCE_MX ) already canbus decoder (no brand, just sign for 2008) connected to the unit.

All signals from the steering wheel and buttons are working. Wipers, fuel level, volume, clima, etc... So the canbus is doing his job, except for the audio.
I tried different ROMs factory, Malaysk, Hal9k, with different versions of MTCE_MX from 2.96 to 3.30, but the same result.

I found a video having totally the same behaviors as mine:

If I move the volume control I got perfect sound for 3 seconds than cuts if I'm moving the volume up and down contentiously I'm never loosing the sound, but it will show on the screen volume up-down all the time.

I tried all manufactures and types in the CANBUS sub-menu but all has the same result - no sound or sound 2-3 seconds and cut out.
In my mind the canbus adapter doesn't send sync signal to the JBL amplifier and then amp is cutting the sound, but I'm not sure.
Cannot be too high levels of the signal, because I can turn the volume up to the end and still is keeping perfect sound for 3 sec and cut off.
I also tried to change the type of amp with lexia there are 2 types "other" and "RT5", both has negative result.

1. Without canbus module is no sound at all when the unit is connected in the car.
2. With Lexia diagniostic utility test of the Amplifier is completed without any issues, I can hear all speakers and sub.
3. I tried to connect the Android unit out of the car with directly connected speakers without Canbus, and all is working fine.

So for me is 3 solutions now:
1. Check with different canbus module box, but looks like every different manufacturer is producing its own canbus modules... My Android device is having brand A-Media ((MX) MAI_XIN Shenzhen Mai Xin Da Technology Co. Ltd) and there is no any support I found.
2. Find diagram for the AMP to catch where the signal is expected
3. Find app in google play to emulate up and down volume every second :-)
4. Find the file responsible for CAN audio and change it with working one, if any.

If someone knows what can be done, or just ideas... please lae me know!
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Peugeot 508 with JBL amplifier cannot run Android unit, cut off the sound in 3 second

Post by Xantippa »

"Easy" solution is to change also amplifier to some aftermarket one.