C3 Picasso Clicking Noise

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C3 Picasso Clicking Noise

Post by BraveSirRobin »

Immediately after turning the ignition off I can hear a high pitched hum and clicking noise from the engine bay and lasts under a minute.

I have heard this sound since I purchased the car second hand back in 2013. It sounds a little different this year like something is packing up, is this something I should be concerned about?

It is a 2009 reg VTR+ 1.6 litre 16V Diesel engine.

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Re: C3 Picasso Clicking Noise

Post by wheeler »

Many modern cars are programmed to do a self cleaning of the EGR valve when the engine is switched off, it does this by fully opening & closing the valve around 10 times rapidly with the idea it keeps all the moving parts clean.
High pitched hums again are fairly normal under the bonnet of a modern car, many actuators stay powered up for a few minutes after switch off.