BlueHDI 1.6 Coolant Antifreeze Drain

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BlueHDI 1.6 Coolant Antifreeze Drain

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Hello, just got my DS3 Prestige last week. Decided I'd do a bit of servicing (since dealers aren't all that trustworthy with used cars..).

The coolant / antifreeze isn't looking so pink... the car is only 3 years old but I'd like to flush the coolant and replace it with some new stuff and set a reminder for five years time to next replace it..

Where is the drain - is there a valve or bolt or do you need to remove a pipe somewhere behind the radiator?

It's not really important to have it 100% dry inside, just so 'most' of the antifreeze is replaced with new stuff with new anti corrosion additives and whatnot!

My first diesel. Paranoid about failing to look after it and running into big issues down the line. :-)