Citroen C5 - Loud noise over speed bumps and front rattling

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Citroen C5 - Loud noise over speed bumps and front rattling

Post by Janko »

So I recently bought a 207k km, year 2009, Citroen C5 2.0 HDi exclusive with hydractive 3+ suspension.
Over the two weeks it has developed a pretty annoying sound from the front driver's side suspension, which sounds like an oscillating '' vum vum vum'' (my best description) sound whose rate pretty much depends on the speed I'm driving- so faster speed means oscillation at a higher frequency, It's audible from like 30-80 km/h.
The thing is it is not constant, like depending if I'm driving straight or cornering. It goes away and than comes back a couple of seconds later.
The other thing is that when I go over speed bumps at anything over 30km/s the front suspension makes a really loud ''thumb'' noise, or any pothole for that matter. I kinda feel like it's from suspension extending really fast and slaming the wheels onto the ground, if that makes any sense.
Other wise I feel like the suspension and steering is behaving normally, like it corners and soaks up a wavy road like you would expect it to.
I do feel these two problems are connected, at least i hope they are :?
I've read alot about worn anti roll bar links, and I did inspect them visually and it doesn't seem like they are broken or anything I do feel like they haven't been replaced in a while if at all in regards to them looking a little rusty on the outside, but I'm in no way qualified to asses anything :-D
I hope anyone has had a similar issues and to be fair I was expecting things to be worn out at 207k km, so a trip to a service center is not a problem to me as long as I dont have to replace the whole front end :lol: , but I would love to know the issue first hand so they don't just say that the whole hydractive 3+ is faulty and in need of a replacement.