Flywheel locking pin location EW10J4

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Flywheel locking pin location EW10J4

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I need to replace the timing belt but unfortunately I did not manage to locate the hole for the flywheel locking pin. :?
Any hints/tips or even pictures are welcome.


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Re: Flywheel locking pin location EW10J4

Post by lexi »

You can reach it from the front of the vehicle. Get a torch in there and when you see it, make up a pin and attach to a rod in an L shape. That will let you slip it in. IIRC you may need airbox out and a few other things. 4 years since I did mine on an 8v and it is hazy now.

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Re: Flywheel locking pin location EW10J4

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Im sure there is a couple of variations of this engine timing setup, earlier ones are pegged on the crank pulley, the later variation is pegged via a hole a the back of the engine above the driveshaft, its quite a big hole around 25-30mm in diameter.
A word of warning if you have the later setup it has a floating crank sprocket with no woodruff key, do not loosen the crank pulley bolt until the flywheel is properly pegged.
The sprocket can move & knock the valve timing out but it looks like it is pegged properly.