Nemo tailgate lock mechanism

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Nemo tailgate lock mechanism

Post by PaulFKay »

Hi there everyone.
My first post so please be kind!
I have a problem with my Nemo tailgate lock mechanism.
It will not release either by the fob or handle.
I have taken the lock of and checked with a meter if the solenoid gets a voltage when the tailgate is told to open.
It does, my meter is an old analogue one, but there is definitely a "flash of current" when the fob release button is pressed.
I assumed the solenoid was faulty, however if I put 12v to the solenoid it fires fine.
I'm not an electrician, am I looking for a faulty connection or broken wire that is allowing a voltage but not enough current to fire the solenoid? If so any ideas on how or where to check would be much appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation Paul