Adding front fog lights to a 04 C3

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Adding front fog lights to a 04 C3

Post by ukphiltr7 »

I am looking to add front fog lights to my C3 (04 plate). I see that there are holes for them and currently there is black fillers where they can go. I have been told that there are the cables and connectors already for them, I have nit checked that this is correct yet.

Has anyone added fog lights to a C3 where they were not before and is it a relatively easy job?

Also if I do fit them when would they come on, when I turn the rear fog lights on now or with the normal lights?

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Re: Adding front fog lights to a 04 C3

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You may have the wiring, but you may not have the correct switch module on the steering wheel to turn them on.

Vehicles with fog lights have a movable barrel on the light stalk that moves forward once to enable front fogs and rearwards to turn on rear fogs. You may have the barrel that moves rearwards but not forwards, so would not be able to activate them I suspect.

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Re: Adding front fog lights to a 04 C3

Post by wheeler »

Apart from the little symbol on the stalk they are both the same with or without front fog lamps.
When you fit the original accessories kit it comes with a little overlay sticker to put on the stalk unit to show a front fog lamp symbol.
Some do have the wiring already fitted some dont. I think they are 2 pin yellow plugs from memory. You need to activate the function with Lexia or Diagbox or they wont work. One twist up puts on the front fog & a second one puts on the rears.