Grand C4 2008 heater blower issues 'Again'

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Grand C4 2008 heater blower issues 'Again'

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Hello and apologies if there is an open topic - I could not find one with same issue or looking in the wrong place

I have issues with heater/fan blower and back in a circle having made changes following advice through threads I have read.

Initially my heater blower started to work on full max when switching on the car and the digital display would not respond even though all lights worked as if they are doing something.

A person I knew mentioned it would be a resistor located near the radiator that controls the speed [part number 9658508980] however before changing this, the blower fully packed up leaving only the lights working of the control fascia!

I then ordered the part and changed it however it never done nothing. :^o

Further reading was speaking about bridging the wires which I was not keen having checked all the fuses etc and also about the resister under the blower so I ordered the resister PA6+GF7.5 and fitted this.

Yipee! it worked for some minutes with the speeds and then I tried the AC and then after this trial - all of sudden it has gone back to constant again!

So the blower works on max with no ability to control the speeds even though the fascia shows its working!!

So I back to the initial problem and very, very stuck.

Having seen another website [some notes] it mentions it could be the electric fascia itself however I really need some support if you could Kindly help.

car has got AC with Passenger side speed control and a 58 grand C4

Many thanks to you