AL4 Gear shifting not possible from Parking position

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AL4 Gear shifting not possible from Parking position

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Hello everybody,

This is my first post, not sure if it's for this section. I'm a new owner of C4 Picasso 5 Exclusive (year 2010) vesrsion seat with AL4 gearbox anf 1.6 THP 150hp engine. The car runs great but have some serious issues. When shifting from P to R I receive multiple errors - Handbrake fault, ESP/ASR fault and Gearbox fault. Then I have esp warning light on and auto parking light on (the small one with warning light, that informs that automatic brake is not working) and not able to engage any gear, D or R or M. If I change the shifter to one of them i receive the fault messages and blinking P to return the shifter to parking position. When access to the OBD a read U1310 error code and nothing else.
Sometimes after several atempts to change gear it succeed.
Any ideas?