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I have 2007 c4gp had nothing but trouble since we brought it 6 weeks ago
We have brought a new DPF filter and new sensors had all the put on had light turned off at my local garage the light stayed of for 2 weeks and now we have the same fault come up the bag has been topped up recently I don’t know what else it could be

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Post by GiveMeABreak »

What fault, what message?

Have you had it diagnosed with Diagbox / Lexia? You really need to get a thorough diagnostic and tell us what the fault codes are. This is what can happen if you go ahead and replace parts without a proper diagnostic.

Unless you know the actual history of the vehicle, it's also a possibility that a part of the emissions system has been interfered with... so you can't rule that out.

A full diagnostic with Diagbox will at least provide you with the codes and you can then let us know.