Peugeot 508 HDi SW ECU locked

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Peugeot 508 HDi SW ECU locked

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Hi everyone,

I have a current project car with a CAN fault i believe or a faulty computer.

Car is a 508 HDi SW 2011 - with the 2L diesel engine DW10C

Car will start but runs idles funny/runs weird. Once started a billion error codes come up. Engine faulty, gearbox faulty, ESP faulty, parkbrake etc etc.

It seems the ECU is remaining locked (showing "figure incorrect" for problems detected when transmitting unlock code) for the immobiliser when checking the immobiliser status in the ECU, which is why i think all these error codes come up. Still find it weird why it will let it start. Also, the ECU wont clear any codes. All other systems will clear codes.

These are the codes that i think are the most relevant

B162C 11 on the BSI "fault:accesories positive relay control and status not coherent
P1727 on TCU " Fault on the actual engine torque information not received by the CAN (engine ECU)
P1605 on TCU engine torque required by the driver information not received by the CAN fault (engine ECU)
P0215 on ECU " Main Relay" Poor operation of relay, ecu is not supplied as it should be
P16A0 on ECU "Motor" detection of iol separation after cutting out

I have swapped the power relay/distribution and an engine bay fuse box from a working 508 HDi. Same issue still occurs.
Have also thought the ECU was dead/faulty so have bought a second hand ECU and had its eeprom matched to my original ECU. The new ECU displays the same issue.
have checked the 4 digit pin stored in the ECU dump against the BSi. It is correct.
Also have re-coded the key again, which it did successfully.

Not sure what else i should try, as i feel it is a CAN issue/something is faulty. Any pointers?