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Citroen C8

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I have a 2003 citroen c8 2.0hdi that I bought in 2006.
The car had been working perfectly for 14 years without any significant problems (although the last 2 years I ve put very little miles on it). However 4 months ago the car started showing a serious problem. At start the start was starting but with difficulty and after a few moments of running smoothly it was dying. Now that the weather got warmer the car only cranks but does not start. I bought a spray fuel can and sprayed that directly into the air intake and it was running for as long as I was spraying the fuel. My mechanic said that he wasnt sure about the issue and several things could cause this. What are your suggestions?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Citroen C8

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Sounds like fuel starvation, but you really need to get it hooked up to a Lexia kit to see if there are any fault codes. It will allow you to look at live data so you might be able to see what it isn't happy about.

Possibilities may be fuel filter or pump, but don't go replacing parts until you have done a thorough diagnostic.

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Re: Citroen C8

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Can you hear the in tank fuel pump priming when you switch the ignition on?