Dispatch Mk1/2 cabin air filter location (pollen filter)

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Dispatch Mk1/2 cabin air filter location (pollen filter)

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Hey there,

does anyone know where abouts the pollen filter goes on these vans.

yes my 2005 van does not have air conditioning but i am retro fitting it while i am giving the whole thing the once over as its not that hard of a job to do.
i have taken everything i can from a E7 Eurocab. the air conditioning system i have is the type where it has 2 buttons where the recirculate slider should be (AC on/off and recirculate). it still has a cable driven slider to control which vents the air flows out of. it is not the full climate control type (though it is the one i was/am after)

i have seen 2 filter types available, one where it is 3 individual filters, and one where its a single squarish filter. am i right in assuming that the 3 filter type fits to the scuttle panel (where the wind screen wipers are)?