C15 1.9D 2003 Glow plugs and fans

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C15 1.9D 2003 Glow plugs and fans

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Hi, I have owned this C15 since 2014.
I recently done lots of suspension, brake and welding work for MOT after it was parked up for a long time, always started first time, and ran lovely.
The MOT tester didn’t know about waiting for glow plug light to go out so had problems starting it. When I returned to collect it they said they aborted the test as it overheated, when he eventually got it to start.
On inspection I found the radiator had a hole in it so replaced it, but since it left the MOT station the glow plug light does not come on dash and when started ( by bypassing glow plug module) the fan/s don’t cut in. Also sounds louder than it did.
I’m not good with autoelectrics and don’t want to throw much more money at it .
Any ideas would be gratefully received, I would love to keep this van going as they are getting rare and it’s part of the family.
Thanks in advance, Russ