Citroen C5 series 3 Subframe bolts

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Citroen C5 series 3 Subframe bolts

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Hi guys,
The usual problem steering rack leak at the steering wheel input shaft due to corrosion damage of seals.
Dropped the subframe to wriggle out the rack, had a big problem two of the 4 bolts there description is screw with base 14x200-95 pt number 514426.
Had to cut the heads off the two which the nut is retained in a plastic retainer in side chassis, the nut started spinning could not grip the nut badly corroded awkward place to get spanner in.
Now i need to know where to get replacements googled but no info as to where to be obtained without going to Citroen if possible someone may have them on here?
Please note our local Citroen parts department still in lock down!