Xantia 1.9TD crank sensor replacement

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Xantia 1.9TD crank sensor replacement

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Hi everyone, I have a 1998 Xantia 1.9TD and the tachometer is dead. Am pretty sure it is a faulty crank sensor, but having looked carefully I am unable to find it! I have searched the net and this forum trying to find out where it is located, as I am sure others have asked the same question but couldn't find anything. If anyone could tell me exactly where it is located or even better post a picture with its location circled, I would be most grateful. Does it attach to the block block behind the flywheel, or is it on the transmission case near the flywheel? Thanks in advance

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Re: Xantia 1.9TD crank sensor replacement

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It may be that the alternator drives the tachometer. The HDi engine needs a far more accurate measurement, so there is a crank sensor, but for a mechanically driven injection system it doesn't need that accuracy. However, I feel certain that somebody with far greater knowledge that I will give you a better informed answer.

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Re: Xantia 1.9TD crank sensor replacement

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There may be some hints here: viewtopic.php?p=612508#p612508