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hey folks,
i was wondering if you could help me? im looking to purchase a Citroen Spacetourer. I currently have a ford grand tourneo connect which is only 2 and a half years old an needs a new gearbox and clutch, (manufacturing default) so looking to get rid, i have been doing abit of research and i have fell in love with the spacetourer, but just wondering what everyone on here thinks about them? they tick every box on paper but they as good as they sound? looking for any info you can give on fuel consumption, tax an general running costs, positives of owning one, an negatives if there are any, which model you would recomend. also worth noting that it will probably be fully loaded the majority of the time.
thanks to you in advance :)

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The newer cars get the more difficult they are to repair, including Citroens, having said that Citroen/|Peugeot make about the best diesel engines which give very little trouble. I have been running the Hdi 2.0. engines for over 10 years now and have never had s serious fault - subject to proper maintianance of course.

The fuel consumption from them is excellent, my C5s average just below 50 mpg in the winter and 60 mpg in the summer with 70+ obtianable on the motorway and they are a big heavy car. I will add that I don't drive fast or hard and live in a rural area. If you drive hard or in traffic don't expect those sort of figures.