C4 Picasso abs sensor problems

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C4 Picasso abs sensor problems

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quite a time ago I drove through a century rain with about 100 litres /m2 within 5 minutes.
After that I noticed infrequent outages with the ABS but over the time they become a constant issue, ABS / ESP and automatic handbrake are off.

After a cheap OBD2 devie did not read the ABS control unit error codes I got myself a Lexia 3 / Diagbox cable and software, and read the error C1331 which would be signal speed sensor front right.
So I thouhgt this would be the issue... and changed the sensor at the right side.

But then things got worse:

C1331 no signal from speed sensor right front
C1387 speed sensor frozen
C1320 error in signal of speed sensor right front
C1330 error in signal of wheel speed sensor right front

Looking at the cable which comes from the inner side of the vehicle I don't see any moisture protection - if ever water gets there that will corrode.
The details of the sensor readings always show me correct speed from the rear wheels, but both front wheels show much lower speeds, sometimes even 0

Could it have happened that the internal cable connectors have become bad?
Is that a known issue?

I already spent around 1600 Euro for incabable mechanics, and 400 who found a broken fuel injector cable that turned my car bad 2 years ago and I am afraid they charge me 2000 e again...